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To hear your wonderful words and success stories absolutely fills me with joy.

-Sarah Hogan





Post Natal
& Post Operative Recovery

Sarah is fantastic and provides a very comforting, relaxed and warming experience.

Let all your aches and pains melt away in her care.

Massage was brilliant, she is clearly so knowledgeable in scar therapy and did wonders for me in just one session!

Highly recommended for mums no matter how they gave birth, but especially by c-section.


I Cannot wait for my next appointments.

-Caroline Walmsley


  • I am working with Sarah on her core restore programme after having diastasis recti following 2 pregnancies. I had my youngest child 6 years ago so was worried it was too late to do anything about this but Sarah reassured me that it wasn't. She explained the programme, how it would work and what we would focus on before I made any commitment.                      Each time I see her she takes the time to listen to what's going on with me, how I'm feeling and how I've been getting on with the exercises set since the last time I saw her. The exercises are easy to fit into the busiest of lives and the breathing techniques help at times of stress.  Sarah has also given me several messages and I swear she has magic hands as I always come away feeling relaxed and all my little aches, pains and niggles soothed.  I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone as she really knows so much about the female body and how it works. -Sally Procter

  • Its always an absolute joy to be treated by Sarah …. Totally relaxing and the improvement in my shoulder scar and movement is amazing - Sarah Jackson

  • I’ve been doing the massages and breathing most days. I’ve actually not had any problems from my scar these past few weeks apart from a little twinge when I reached up high for something. - Deniece Cusack

  • Thank you so much for your time today Sarah. The whole thing was absolute bliss! I totally needed it in lots of ways. You are such a warm and generous person and you helped me feel so comfortable opening up. That session was such a gift. - Gemma Sinclair

  • I first contacted Sarah after seeing that she provided scar tissue massage therapy to see wether she would be able to treat my 4 year old daughter that has had multiple surgeries to her hip and leg. Sarah is very accommodating and knowledgeable and we have now had 3 sessions. 
    The therapy room is lovely and cosy with the nice smells and gentle music and she sets up relaxing coloured lights for my daughter. 
    Sarah works with such patience and understanding. She makes it fun but also really gets to work. It has made such a difference to my daughters tight scarred skin already. I wish I had known about Sarah years ago!! - Kerry Hamilton

Massage Therapy

I have been to see Sarah twice and she certainly lives up to her name of ‘Magic Hands Hogan’!

I was struggling with back pain and was taking pain relief every day.

Sarah is just lovely, made me feel at ease and taught me things that have helped endlessly.

Her room is beautiful and her massaging skills are 5 star too.

Thank you so much Sarah, can’t recommend you enough!

-Laura Duggin


  • From the moment I arrive in Sarah's cosy, tranquil treatment room I start to relax and unwind. I highly recommend her massage treatments which are really helping with my shoulder pain. - Julie Hulme

  • I visited Sarah for a massage and came away feeling amazing. It didn't feel like she was just going through the motions. The attention and focus she paid to the areas which were aggravating me, the knots and misalignment was great. Having suffered a broken foot last year I haven't fully recovered and I'm still dealing with the results of overcompensating on the right side.
    I also work carrying a camera or at a desk so my shoulders are always and area that suffer. She worked these areas and this is the first massage where I feel like they were actually worked.Sarah's attentiveness and knowledgeable approach made for a great client experience and I would recommend to others. - Emma Bunn

  • Sarah worked wonders on my pelvic/hip problem which has been ongoing for months, within days I noticed such an improvement in flexibility …. getting back to proper walking feels great - Deborah Birkett


Aesthetics & Beauty

Wasn't sure what to expect with the Led light therapy.

But was left very impressed.


After cleansing you lay under the light box and relax.


After just 20 minutes my skin was left looking more even and rejuvenated.


I had a glow to me as well.


Will definitely use again.

Highly recommended.

-Lucy Illes


  • Sarah used the Dermalux led phototherapy treatment on my face. My skin prior to treatment looked a bit dull and tired and felt I needed some help with the finelines that I have noticed lately.
    When Sarah had finish I had a lovely rosey glow, and my skin felt more nourished, today, the day after my skin looks radiant and feels great.
    Once again 5 stars.
    Thank you so much. xxx - Amanda Parr

  • Sarah makes you feel the most important person to her there and then, treatments are sublime and you are left walking on air -Helen Creek

  • Where do I start. Sarah is so welcoming. Her private clinic is beautiful,  warm, welcoming, just like her really! After a unhurried chat, we decided on an abdominal massage and a facial. WOW! I left feeling relaxed and happy in my own skin. Can't wait for next appointment.  getting my mojo back . Thank You Sarah, you are amazing - Jane MAcalpine.



Sumptuous sports massage with the wonderful Sarah.

This was my second session and her skills and knowledge are impressive as is her life history, and experience.

It's amazing to be in the hands of someone who lives and breaths women's bodies and understands the nuances of them.

Not just your average sports massage this is Sarah's sport massage.

Karen Inman

I came to see Sarah recently for scar massage therapy. She made me feel at ease straight away. The room was cosy & relaxing with calming music playing in the background. Sarah listened to my story & was very knowledgable to how she could help me. During the session she also taught me breathing techniques which I continue to carry out at home.  By the end of my session my abdomen felt much freer & I felt very chilled out. I would definitely recommend Sarah  x



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