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Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding - Myths and facts

Excessive vaginal bleeding in addition to your regular menstrual cycle could be quite troublesome if proper care is not being taken by you. This bleeding occurs from the vagina during menstrual periods but is heavier than normal or prolonged.

Abnormal bleeding of the vagina is caused due to many factors such as intake of contraceptive pills causing bleeding during normal periods, hormonal problems produced by thyroid, pituitary glands, and ovaries and Hormonal Menopausal changes.

Possibly sexually transmitted diseases causing infections of the vagina, uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

There could also be excessive thickening of the uterus, endometriosis or adenomyosis, fibroids, polyps or other growths.

A miscarriage may also be the reason as could the possibility of a more serious underlying issue such as cancer.

If you face heavy bleeding or clots in between your normal periods that do not lasts for more than a couple of days and do not repeat then it is not necessarily that you have some critical disease. This might be caused due to scars, benign tumours, fibroids or growth of abnormal tissue or cysts on the reproductive organs.

I would advise that you get these checked out anyway and put a monitoring plan in place just to eb mindful for your on ging health.

But regular prolonged heavy vaginal bleeding needs attention. Especially if you have fever or pain.

You should get a proper check-up as soon as you can, because sometimes it might be due to growths in the uterine lining which may or may not be cancer. Some of these issues can growl on for long periods of time and others show up feeling very acute, either way please get them checked to out rule anything worrying.

Sometimes such bleeding is caused by injury to the vagina or reproductive tract during surgery or abuse or when the tampon is stuck or forgotten in the vagina.

Bleeding disorders that affect the whole body such as leukaemia can also cause abnormal vagina bleeding. If fever, abdominal pain, mucus substances along with vaginal bleeding persists then it could be an infection.

Excessive Vaginal discharge usually results from abnormal passages between organs due to injuries caused during childbirth, accidents or surgery. Vaginal discharge also usually occurs because of infection causing itching, burning and painful urination. It is not necessarily that all infections are sexually transmitted diseases and might easily be due to other causes like inflammation of the vagina, pelvic inflammatory diseases, hpv, uterus infection and lack of the hormone oestrogen, so please do not put these checks off out of worry or feeling sensitive. The most important thing you can for your health is to be checked as soon as possible. Nobody is judging you and your health provider wants only that you are well, so please put any concerns about it being a sensitive topic aside.

If you feel that your body just isn’t right please insist on getting tests, bloods and xrays or ultrasounds.

Love Sarah xx


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