Exceeding Expectations One Woman at a Time

Hi I’m Sarah Hogan The Female Health Practitioner and I’ve over 30 years experience as a Women’s Health and Wellness expert working in Personal Training, Nutritional Advice, Soft Tissue, Scar, Massage & Movement Therapy, Pilates, Mindfulness, Post Natal Recovery, C -Section Recovery, Hysterectomy Recovery, Abdominal Surgery Recovery, Breast Cancer Rehab and 3rd Age Wellbeing. 

I also have a dance and theatre school and an online fitness business!!

But wow this year has certainly been a challenge!

Like many of you I had to close the doors on my business, 

The year before I has set myself up at my beautiful clinic in the Bailgate in Lincoln, 2020 was set to be fantastic as actually make money after two years of saving then putting it all into the business and bam close the doors now goodbye .....

To cut a long story short I had to say bye to my clinic....

I really thought I would be more upset but it’s at the end of the day just bricks and mortar and my amazing clients have been just so lovely and supportive....

So I made a home clinic transforming a bedroom into my pink pamper place ha ha!!

It’s actually wonderful working from home and my clients love it as it’s so nice and cosy and I’ve had new ladies come to see me that wouldn’t have in the Bailgate so I just stay positive!

This second lockdown I must say has been more difficult but not long now!

Unfortunately though it has bought the closure of my Saturday dance and theatre school ( I was a professional dancer and singer for many years around the world) but again I look on the bright side and this means I can have my home clinic open to you wonderful and amazing women all day on a Saturday now!! 

For a very long time I’ve also been looking for beautiful well-being spa like experiences  that I can bring into my clinic and deliver online also , this led me to find Temple Spa so I am now a Lifestyle Consultant for them bringing the spa to you!

In fact their head office has appointed me to find other amazing women to work with them in this area as we are relatively unknown so I will be as I used the say in my showbiz days “talent spotting” for incredible people !! My hubby laughed and said I can never do things by half’s!

My main passion though is helping women in that stage where the amazing NHS has helped us to get better but how do we actually recover?

Why is my C-Section Scar still hurting when I move all these years on?

Since I’ve had an hysterectomy I’ve a prolapse but I’m too embarrassed to see anyone,

I just feel exhausted and not me anymore but no one listens...

I’ve had my mastectomy and want to start living a normal life with Movement in it but I’m scared to start...

I really could talk for hours about as women we are so complex and we don’t just want to stick a plaster on it but we want to understand our bodies and to be given the tools to do that...

That’s where my passion lays giving you the support and understanding, someone who will listen, someone who will massage around that scar and free up that tight feeling, someone who knows what movement patterns to give you after you surgery.

Someone who can help you in areas that you didn’t know you could be!!

That’s my passion!!

My advice would be keep going my friends, don’t be afraid to diversify, talk to people my women’s wellness group is amazing and has so many wonderful women to connect with,

Also reach out to me if you are concerned about your health or are worried about anything I’ve been told I’m a good listener 🤗 why don't you book a free discovery call? xxx