Mother and Baby

The Post Natal Mummy Melt Massage

Are you a mum that's feeling exhausted through lack of sleep?
Maybe feeding your bundle of joy is leaving you with with tired, sore muscles that need some extra attention?

The Mummy Melt Massage is now available for 60 minutes of you time for relaxation and wellbeing.

Helping to keep mum calm and when mum is calm, the children feel calm xxx


The Mummy Melt Massage Unwind & Relax

Massage Therapy

Ease Tired Muscles

Massage is a wonderful, natural way to increase your wellbeing and relieve tired and aching arms, backs and shoulders; muscles often over-used by being a mum.

Shoulder Massage

Better Sleep

Massage can increase your energy levels by clearing out toxins and could help with sleep problems, if your mind is too busy to switch off, having an hour to you will help to calm your nervous system.

Back Massage

Gain Energy

Massage releases endorphins for a natural, feel good pick-me-up
It improves circulation, thus increasing energy levels, leaving you refreshed relaxed and invigorated.

Middle Aged Woman

The best massage I've ever had! Sarah makes you feel very comfortable and I couldn't recommend a visit here more! You won't be disappointed!

Rhia Fox


Mums you are all superheroes and you deserve the best....
A few delicious treats Included in the The Mummy Melt Massage:

An hour of relaxation just for you

Stress and pain relief focussing on the areas you specifically need

Maintenance programme for at home

Preferential booking to coincide with your little ones schedule

Online help at The Female Health Practitioner support  group

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