#codepink Breast Cancer Support Through Soft Tissue and Movement Therapies

Did you know:

That 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, but the average 10-year survival rate is 83%.

If the cancer is located only in the breast, the 5-year survival rate of women with breast cancer is 99%.

62% of cases are diagnosed at this stage.

If the cancer has spread to the regional lymph nodes, the 5-year survival rate is 85%

Breast cancer treatments have advanced dramatically over the past decades and many more women are living longer after breast cancer treatment ends…which means they are dealing with the after effects of breast cancer treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy.

The landscape of breast cancer survivorship has changed ENORMOUSLY and

we are now regarding breast cancer survivorship as a chronic disease…OR and opportunity to move from ‘surviving’ to THRIVING after cancer treatment ends.

This is where my role as a Breast Cancer Specialist comes in ….

I can help you from diagnosis all the way through treatment and beyond.


The goals of my job is to provide clarity about helping women live WELL after breast cancer treatment ends – to safely and effectively use manual therapies, exercise prescription and practical lifestyle advice to elevate quality of life, to help put women back in their bodies and to help them THRIVE (not just survive!)

We’ll also be looking at medium to long term issues such as Strength & Wellbeing, Bone Health, Heart Health, Brain Health, Weight management, Stress management/ mindful meditation/guided rest, What to eat, what to avoid…

From diagnosis I can help to

Prehab your body Prehab your shoulders Prehab your house

Help you to understand the treatments you will be facing and how to prepare for them and your rehabilitation afterwards.

More than anything I am here to listen ….

I'm so exceptionally proud and honoured to be able to offer this service as Breast Cancer is something that so many of us have been affected by.

If anyone would like to talk please message and let's see how I can help you.

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