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Post Natal Care

Holistic Health Care through Soft Tissue and Movement Therapy

Postnatal Massage and Movement is something every new mummy should be able to enjoy following the birth of her baby.

I focus on 4th trimester care addressing any aches, pains and recovery that the postnatal mummy is concerned about.

I then look after you through the following months and beyond ..

The Mummy Melt Massage

Massage is a wonderful, natural way to increase your wellbeing and relieve tired and aching arms, backs and shoulders; muscles often over-used by being a mum.



Massage & Care

I can help you to recovery from your abdominal surgery and treat your scars,

The surgery doesn’t have to be recent, my holistic care can help you no matter how long ago your surgery was,
I can help with your holistic after care for surgeries such as, C-Section, Hysterectomy, Appendix Surgery, Laparoscopy, etc.........



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