Love Yourself To Better Health

My Love Yourself To Better Health programme is for all women in every stage of life whether you are peri menopausal, in the menopause or the other side! It’s all about celebrating being women and not hiding away our symptoms as though they are something to be ashamed of. Join the movement today and feel revitalised, energised and amazing!


Love Yourself To Better Health

Do you often wake up feeling as tired as you did before you went to bed because all you do is toss and turn, throw the covers around as you’re hot one minute and cold the next?
Do you have low self esteem?
Have you noticed that your jeans are more snug and whatever you do they don’t get any loser?
Are you always forgetting things and then getting annoyed with yourself?
Is your body feeling achy and stiff?
Have you lost your mojo?
Are you the last person you think of?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these then you are in the right place!
I can help you improve all the above symptoms and get you back to feeling revitalized and back to being the incredible woman you are and making you your number one priority!
Work with me on a 1-2-1 or group basis.

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Hot Sweats

Learn How to balance your hormones and reduce those night sweats

Stressed Woman

Anxiety & Stress

Learn how to make self care your number one priority and lower those stress levels


Weight Gain

Learn how to lose that stubborn weight and keep it off for good


Phase One

Learn The Foundations

Week One

We start with a confidential consultation and find your blueprint to life and exqisuisive self care. Set your Goals and Intentions. 

Week Two

Your Hormones,  Health & Happiness

How can changing my diet help my situation and what changes should I consider making? 

Week Three

How To Stop Mid Section Weight Gain and keep it off.
How can exercise help me in everyday life productivity?


Phase Two

Master Your Mindset

Week Four

Mindfulness and Affirmations; How and why mindfulness and affirmations are a tool for productivity and positive mindset.

Week Five

Your Mindset, Food Behaviours and Motivation

How does self-confidence help me to achieve my goals?

Week Six

Your Mindset and Motivation How To Stop The Negative Self Talk

You may fail sometimes but you never quit.


Phase Three

Lower Those Stress Levels

Week Seven

Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain?
Learn how To Manage Stress and bring Down Your Cortisol Levels ( the fat hormone)

Week Eight

Is Your Sleep Damaging Your Success? Learn how to achieve a better night's sleep and how to beat the hot flushes.

Week Nine

Is the wrong exercise causing your body stress?
Learn what exercise will help to balance those hormone levels


Phase Four

Week Ten

What does Alcohol Have To Do With Your Fat-loss & Health?
Learn what steps can we use to help.

Week Eleven

Review and reflect your last few weeks highs and lows.

How does self-confidence help me to achieve my goals?

Week Twelve

How to be happy today while being productive for a better future?

Have you reached your goals and found your personal blueprint to life?


Pamela Beattie

Sarah Hogan you’re such an inspiration ...from the moment I met you it was this burst of energy and honesty that made me think this woman is REAL she gets life has lived life and genuinely wants to help.


Women you are all superheroes and you deserve the best....
What to expect from your Love Yourself To Health Programme:

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2 x 60 Minute  1-2-1 session  per month

Nutritional advice to rid your body of all those inflammatory products

Maintenance programme for at home

Bespoke home videos to keep forever to set you up for success. This could include meditations, motivational , hormonal advice ideos, & more!

Online help at The Female Health Practitioner support  group

Happy Women

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