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Common Questions

All Your Questions, Answered In One Place

How many women do you serve each day The Female Health Practitioner?

Presently I see no more than three or four women throughout the day at my home clinic. I like to leave a long period of time between each client so everything is thoroughly sanitised and aired in compliance with Covid regulations.

Do you offer free health consultations?

Yes I do, I like to call these "discovery calls". It gives you the chance to learn more about which type of appointment and recovery method is best suited for you.

What To Wear ?

Please come to your appointment in comfortable clothing you can move in.
For your massage/soft-tissue therapy please be prepared to undress to your underwear, don't worry your privacy is of our utmost concern and you will be left to undress/dress in your own time with no rush.


Why do I need to fill in an online form?

Please fill out your pre-screening & Covid form in as much detail as you can so we can give you the best treatment that you deserve, if you feel you've forgotten to mention something you can go back in and add to it up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.
Your time with us starts as soon as we receive your pre -screening form, we read through it asses and start planning out the best way to start your treatment or movement plan to make the most of your valued time .

What happens when I arrive?

As you arrive we will sit in the cosy and welcoming clinic room and talk about your needs from your treatment or movement session.
Each appointment with me will be different as we will listen to your needs on that day and tailor your treatment to be bespoke to you.
My aim is for you to leave feeling amazing, comfortable and confident in your body.
For each appointment I will will give you some helpful tips to take away with you whether it's stretches to keep those muscles in top condition or relaxation techniques so you feel less stressed.

What happens after my appointment?

Don't worry I just don't leave you! You will all have your bespoke home care to ensure you stay on top of your wellness in between appointments, and you can email at any time with any questions you may have.
For those of you on Facebook we have our client support group too
My promise to you is to help you feel the best you can be....

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