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The C-Section Support Package

You’ve made the decision to have a caesarean section and now you feel worried and maybe even a little bit scared.
Any operation can be a daunting experience and this is possibly the first time that you’ve been admitted to hospital.
You are thinking about how you will cope with baby and also how you will heal after you C-Section wanting your path to recovery to be as smooth as possible.
You will have been in the best place of care in the hospital but what’s next after the 48 hours of postnatal care you will receive?
Having a supportive plan to follow to help you heal well and me able to enjoy your baby, not feeling like you have to be able to do it all is one of the first steps….


My three session recovery package will allow you to make informed and supportive choices leading up to the birth, and after…. it will leave you in a place of empowerment and control knowing that you are all that you can to minimise the chances of pain, infection, post natal depression and emotional trauma.


Your First Appointment

Four to six weeks before your planned caesarean you will meet with me (Sarah)  a women’s health specialist for an hour and we will talk about how to prepare your body and your mind for surgery and a smooth birthing process. We finish with some relaxation to soothe your body and mind.

Your Second Appointment

Two to four weeks after your operation we will meet to talk about your experience and you will have the most wonderful Mummy Melt Massage, focusing on the tight areas of your body, releasing any tensions you may be feeling after your operation and leave you feeling blissed out.

Your Third Appointment

Your third session with me takes place at about 6-8 weeks after giving birth. We introduce some very gentle movement therapy involving breathing and releases helping to free up those scar adhesions and start to help your posture and alignment that may have limitations due to the scar.


Thank you so much for your time today Sarah. The whole thing was absolute bliss! I totally needed it in lots of ways. You are such a warm and generous person and you helped me feel so comfortable opening up. That session was such a gift.

Gemma Sinclair


I’m a qualified scar therapy and post natal rehabilitation specialist so I will be able to asses your healing process and how your can move forward with the most exquisite self care,.

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This package gives you 4 hours of 1:1 time together with me

You will also receive a wonderful home care package so you can continue your self massage and movement therapy at home to aid in your recovery.


I’ve over 30 years experience in women’s health and wellness working  in Soft Tissue, Scar, Massage & Movement Therapy, Specialising in, Pilates, Mindfulness, Post Natal Recovery & 3rd Age Wellbeing.

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