C-Section Scar Massage

I can help you to recovery from your abdominal surgery and treat your scars,

The surgery doesn’t have to be recent, my holistic care can help you no matter how long ago your surgery was,
I can help with your holistic after care for surgeries such as, C-Section, Hysterectomy, Appendix Surgery, Laparoscopy, etc.........


Why scar therapy?

Do you have a “stuck feeling”?

Maybe numbness in the scar area?

Maybe a lack of movement and pain in other areas of your body that you’ve not related to your scar?

Has your scar been neglected?

Maybe you can’t bring

yourself to look at it or touch it?



The first three things I will do is listen to your story, build your trust and gain your permission .

Each scar has their own story which can be deeply personal and hold a lot of emotion ........

No concern is too small,

I am here to listen to your story ...


The work we will do together is gentle with a slow approach at a pace bespoke to you .

Very often the first thing we will do is to look at your breathing patterns, help you to breathe better and create a feeling of deep release and freedom.


Each treatment is bespoke to you, I have multiple techniques to help you that I will discuss with you and gain your permission to touch, treat and massage you ........
I will also coach and guide you in how to look after your scar giving you the skills to keep for life.....


Thank you so much for your time today Sarah. The whole thing was absolute bliss! I totally needed it in lots of ways. You are such a warm and generous person and you helped me feel so comfortable opening up. That session was such a gift.

Gemma Sinclair


I’m a qualified scar therapy and post natal rehabilitation specialist so I will be able to assess your healing process and how your can move forward with the most exquisite self care.


* A confidential talk about why you are with me today
* We will talk about your health history reviewing your pre screening forms- nothing is too small a detail we tend to forget what’s happened along the years so talking is the first stage of our healing process

 * Postural and Abdominal muscle assessment 
* Pelvic floor activation and breathing assessment 
* A beautiful bespoke massage 


* Helpful massage techniques for your scar for you to perform at home
* Home care videos 
This is an introduction to the bespoke course I have created 
“Love Your Scar & Adore Your Tummy” and I strongly advise you to have 3- 6 appointments after your first to carry on with your recovery…

Preferential booking to coincide with your little ones schedule

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