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Your Therapist Sarah Hogan,
Founder & CEO at The Female Health Practitioner.

 I am proud to be trained by the best in the industry and the wealth of experience added to my treatments positions me as an expert practitioner.

I perform lymphatic drainage massage with the bespoke techniques of naturally stimulating the lymph nodes and a combination of Ayurveda ancient techniques to give immediate radiance and visible results.

Massage & Sculpt Lymphatic Massage Therapy Experience

Massage & Sculpt Lymphatic Massage Post Surgery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized massage technique recommended by plastic surgeons, after liposuction, tummy tuck or breast surgeries to speed up the healing process.

It improves circulation, bringing new nutrients for better and faster recovery. It also helps to decrease swelling and bruises reliving the discomfort.

It also prevents and undo fibrosis and seroma resulting in a better outcome.

 Modern Medicine refers Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a mandatory procedure after a plastic surgery. It is already recommended for the best surgeons in UK, however it is perfectly fine to self-refer.

 This technique procedure works well and has been demonstrated to show positive results straight after the first treatment! However, most patients need more than one session to remove most of the excess fluid. 

After cosmetic surgery, adequate aftercare is VITAL!

We cannot stress enough how important your recovery is in determining your final results. It is vital you choose a therapist who is trained in dealing with post surgical complications and aftercare.

There are a whole host of potential complications that can arise as a result of poor aftercare management. With us you can relax! Our team is formed by physiotherapists fully trained for aftercare surgeries.

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We weave magic into the treatment routines, at least that’s how clients tell us it feels

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