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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Programme



Sarah has been trained  by the best in the industry and has a wealth of experience added to her treatments which positions her as an expert practitioner.

Modern Medicine refers Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a mandatory procedure after surgery. 

Your initial appointment will help determine what course of treatments are a good fit and allow you to discuss your goals and expectations with Sarah.


Your initial appointment will help determine what course of treatments are a good fit and allow you to discuss your goals and expectations with Sarah.

This is what you can expect during your first visit. 


  • Assessing Your Goals and Expectations and hands on treatment. During your appointment, we will discuss your specific goals and expectations for the treatment. We will also review your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns about the treatment.


  • Evaluating your needs. To understand your unique needs better and develop a personalised treatment plan, we will evaluate your health and wellness history. This assessment helps Sarah tailor the treatment to your needs, ensuring optimal results.


  • Discussing Treatment Options. At The Female Health Practitioner we specialise in Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Massage Therapy, Pelvic Health, Post Operative Recovery, Therapeutic Coaching, Rehabilitation and Women’s Health at all life stages. At your appointment, we will discuss the benefits of these and explain how your personalised plan works, including the number of sessions advised to achieve your desired results.


  • Digital analysis if required will be conducted at your consultation.


  • Providing a Cost Estimate. The cost of treatments can vary based on appointment types and lengths. I will provide a personalised cost estimate based on your specific treatment plan during your consultation.


  • Scheduling Your Treatments. If you decide to move forward with a course, I will help you schedule your treatment sessions. I will also provide pre-treatment instructions to ensure you are fully prepared for your  journey and printed documentation of any Digital Analysis ( if required)will be provided.



Our breast cancer rehabilitation appointments at The Female HealthHub are designed to provide personalised care and support to those in recovery. 

Sarah your practitioner will work with you to create a rehabilitation plan tailored to your individual needs, focusing on physical movement and scar therapy, emotional support, and overall well-being as you navigate life after breast cancer.





We believe in providing transformative therapeutic treatments and coaching services that inspire and motivate women to live their best life. We do this through developing and sharing authentic goals and encouraging deep personal engagement. We want to see all of our clients reach their full potential and live their lives full of love, fun, confidence and joy. 

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