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Expecting a Sibling

Online & In Person
Female Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy | Scar Massage | C-Section Recovery |
Hysterectomy Recovery |
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Why Not Book A Free Discovery Call?

You’ve made the decision to have a to ask for help and now you feel worried and maybe even a little bit scared.
To help to ease those worries Sarah offers a 30 minute free discovery call to help and guide you on how you can work together to recovery.

Online & In Person
Female Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy, Scar Massage,
C-Section, Hysterectomy & Abdominal Surgery Recovery


Online & In Person
Breast Cancer Scar Massage, Prehab & Rehabilitation Therapy

Online & In Person
Scar Massage, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage & Rehabilitation Therapy

Group Of Mature Female Friends On Outdoo

Online & In Person
Pre & Post Natal | Peri- Menopausal | 
Weight Management & Fitness Programmes

Here’s What’s Happening

I offer bespoke Online & in person treatments and services to suit all women.
I'm passionate about supporting and caring for everywoman, mummies to be, postnatal clients and menopausal women and beyond.

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Pre & Post Natal Health

Are you pregnant or have recently given birth?
My Holistic Core Restore online and in person courses will aid your in your recovery.
Restore your core, reconnect your diastasis Recti and gain confidence in your pelvic health.


Peri - Menopausal Health

I want you to Thrive not just survive in your 3rd age I will help you do just that.
My online and in person MenoWoman & MenoMovement courses will help you to lose that midsection weight gain, balance your hormones, regain your mojo, find your energy and feel vibrant and fabulous.

Weight Management & Fitness

Fun personal training weight loss & fitness programmes for every woman.

Fitness can be fun and for all of us. If you are nervous about exercise or just want a more fun and personal approach then I have an online programme for you with a friendly and supportive community to help you every step of the way


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